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WiFi Guerillas

Mittwoch, November 26th, 2008

Interesting guerilla campaign by Jung von Matt/Alster for Sixt: They installed open (and free) WiFi access points throughout Hamburg Airport and labeled the network with some claim, and put a landing page up as default… done! Effect? All laptop or smartphone users seeking connectivity stumbled across the advertising tagline while browsing the list of available networks (video below the fold!):

(Image: JvM/Neckar)

I like the idea because it’s so simple… and obvious. Yet I wonder how many people actually got a grasp of all this? Hence most people I know use either their 3G connection or the WiFi within the lounges. Nevertheless a very nice approach!

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Quote of the day

Mittwoch, November 26th, 2008

“So forget social, forget networks, forget mobile—it’s all about the end customer/user experience. Think like a real person. We don’t draw the line between them.In the end, out interactions with people, brands, and companies will either be either extraordinary, good, ok, terrible, offensive or not worth talking about at all. Social or no social. The line is dissolving and in the end it’s how we feel about what we just experienced that matters.David Armano

Banner of the Day (at least almost)

Dienstag, November 25th, 2008

Fun to watch and  it features one of world’s most powerful visuals: doooooooooggyyyyyyyyyyy! :) And me likes doggies. And especially happy doggies!

(Click image to launch ad)

I like the creative idea behind it…  a lot! But execution sucks imho. Not the artwork or 3D-animation, that’s gorgeous. Nevertheless:

1) How can yo expect online users with an attention span next to zero to actually search(!) for the trigger to launch the ad? Do you want your audience to feel fustrated or stupid? Or your ad to appear broken? Or waste that beautiful animation, because nobody sees it? If a ‘no’ came across your mind, you may wanna add a call to action

2) A banner ad is always – or lets say most of the time, if you don’t just quest for banding –  just a gateway that leads to some better place (think added value!). Here the promise is not only vague and washy (“Make you dog happy!”) and the call to action is small and weak, it gives no information whatsoever on what to expect on Too bad!

Quote of the day

Sonntag, November 23rd, 2008

“So maybe a recession is a good time to start a startup. It’s hard to say whether advantages like lack of competition outweigh disadvantages like reluctant investors. But it doesn’t matter much either way. It’s the people that matter. And for a given set of people working on a given technology, the time to act is always now.” Paul Graham 

T-Mobile, Hutchinson 3, and the artiodactyl’s rectum

Freitag, November 21st, 2008

Ding, ding… next round in the fight over mobile hegemony in the British empire. :) Today, Hutchinson’s operator “3” published a nice viral video spoofing the recent “You won’t find more minutes for £30. Guaranteed” advertising by T-Mobile, after they successfully filed a complaint at the ASA, who finally banned the spot:

Ok maybe not very creative, but I like their style. And it definitely creates a sweet buzz on the net and elsewhere. So you can’t go wrong with that. At the end, the laugh is always on the loser:

Quote of the day

Mittwoch, November 19th, 2008

“For all of Wikipedia’s flaws, the one thing people don’t say is, ‘Well, I don’t trust Wikipedia because it’s basically all advertising fluff.’ Forgoing ads is a way to buy credibility, just as a judge forgoing bribes is a way to buy credibility.”
Lawrence Lessig

Dienstag, November 18th, 2008

New buzz campaign by streetwaer powerhouse Converse: Starting at the Index Page you will find a myriad of fullscreen-video micosites with sizzling domain names like the one mentioned in the title. Fun to watch, but without any meaning at all. God… I love fashion ;)


It seems as if you have to be trashy this year. After Diesel’s take on SFW XXX B’day Viral (inspiration here) here’s the next competitor. Rock’n’roll!